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Sissy Masturbation – Touching Yourself Through Panties

Sissy masturbation is just masturbation… Right?Sissy Masturbation Mistress Rita

Wrong. Well… TECHNICALLY the definition of masturbation is universal, and the technique you choose doesn’t matter, but we all know different… Don’t we? What is masturbation anyway? Is it just touching yourself? Simply jiggling your naughty bits around until you cum (or don’t)? Or has it been short changed and misdefined? Personally, I think there is more to it. I think one of the most appealing parts of rubbing one out is really getting in touch with that sensual, lusty, sexual side of yourself. I would be SHOCKED if any of my readers could honestly tell me that they had never had a moment while they were stroking or teasing themselves where they’d been surprised by a thought/picture/fantasy that popped into their heads… I am a firm believer in letting the fantasy guide the session, and HERE, my lovelies, is where sissy masturbation differs…

A sissy’s touch should be delicate

What is the point of being all dressed up (either in reality or your mind), enrobed in soft satin and lace, pretty as the proverbial princess, and then ruining the whole aesthetic by flogging yourself silly with your fist?! For shame! When a sissy touches herself, her fingers should be gentle, her strokes caressing and sensual. Sissy masturbation is a lot like a dance, you have to know just where to put those fingers, exactly where to glide and circle. These steps don’t often come naturally… Men have been stroking their cocks for years, and when I take a newcomer into my sissy training program I spend time guiding, and helping them discover how that sensitive little clit of theirs wants to be touched. I’m so much more than a Masturbatrix. I’m a teacher, a therapist and a guiding hand in all things feminization.

Do you need help finding your sweet spot?

I am always taking appointments for sissification, sissy school or sissy masturbation sessions. Drop a line to and let me help you find your sweet spot. 😉

The Joy of Brown Nosing – Subbie Blog

Ever-so accommodating Joe, one of the devoted listeners to my Bad Touch Society podcast offered to write a blog post for me about the joys of brown nosing from a submissive’s viewpoint. How could I possibly say no? So here it is, enjoy! 😉

Brown nosing for Mistress

We all have seen how brown nosing can help you out in work.  However, it is not something that people really enjoy doing.  Well that’s only because they have not had the joy of brown nosing a Mistress. Now I’m sure many of you are wondering what the difference between the two is.  That is quite simple.  If you suck up to your boss, then you get a raise, or promotion, but you also have to compete against everyone else who is also sucking up. When sucking up to a Mistress, it doesn’t matter if you are the best or the worst.

Do Mistresses enjoy brown nosing?

All of the Mistresses that I’ve interacted with enjoy it when the submissive sucks up.  Not only do they get to be showered with compliments.  They also get to enjoy getting the sub to agree to things they never would have done before.  The best part is that they don’t even have to coerce you into doing it.  You just do it to please her and hopefully gain her favor.

Benefits of brown nosing

To me, the best part of brown nosing is seeing how many different ways it can be done.  Some prefer that you agree to things that may be out of your comfort zone.  While others may like that you are so willing to do one of their favorite fetishes. One other advantage, is who would not want to suck up to one, or more, of these enchanting women?  All of the women deserve to be worshiped and sucked up to.  It is a requirement, and a great pleasure, to suck up to them.  Maybe if you’re lucky they may let you suck up in a more physical way.
If you’d like a chance to write a post for this blog, send me a note to
Want to try brown nosing for Miss Rita?

Humiliation – The ABCs of BDSM

Types of sexual humiliation

When it comes to humiliation, it is DEFINITELY not one-size-fits-all. While the base concept may be the same – men and women getting excited and being turned on by having someone else witness (and very possibly giggle) and their situation, the details of exactly why we are so amused can vary widely.

Humiliation Mistress Rita

Verbal humiliation

Some of my callers crave a Mistress who can simply call it how she sees it. Someone who is willing to tell them exactly what she thinks, no holds barred. I have always been honest to a fault, and I love verbal humiliation calls because they allow me to simply speak my mind without having to tiptoe around a submissive’s oh-so delicate ego. The quiver in their voice as I have them describe their most vulnerable moments, filthiest transgressions and most embarrassing situations absolutely thrills me… As do the whimpers and moans that my judgements and verdicts render. These callers LIVE to hear me giggle and call them my eager little whores and greedy little cocksuckers.

CFNM humiliation

There is nothing quite like positioning myself fully clothed and vastly superior, in front of a pathetic, nude subbie. Seeing you so open and exposed in front of me… Every inch of you available for my perusal and scrutiny. To put it simply, CFNM humiliation is my very favourite type of degradation. Just the idea of you, on your webcam putting on a show, gets me excited. There are very, very few things I enjoy more than watching you humiliate yourself… Whether you’re fucking your fist for me, dancing or simply doing whatever I ask, the humiliation of knowing I’m there watching your every move is idyllic.

Small penis humiliation

Ahhh, and of course there is SPH. Those of you who are… uselessly endowed love to hear me come up with fun little names to describe your affliction… itty bitty clitty, tiny little nubbin… The possibilities are endless. But I can promise you, you’ll never ever hear me refer to it as a cock, or dick. It simply doesn’t measure up to those names. No… We both know that all the tugging and rubbing in the world won’t make it grow enough to turn you into a real man, you simply weren’t blessed with enough to make it worth any woman’s while!



Ask Me Anything – The Mistress Rita Edition

Ask Me Anything - Mistress rita


I know you have questions… Maybe they’re questions about me, about my personal life… Maybe you’re curious about the intricacies of BDSM or the lifestyle in general… Or perhaps you have other questions and you’re just not sure where to turn for answers, well… let me help you out. Here is your chance to ask me anything (and I do mean, ANYTHING)!

How to pose your questions

You can send me a quick email at, send me a note on twitter, Tumblr, Enchantrix Empire or right here in the comment section of this blog. Yes or No questions are fine, but those that allow for an explanation or elabouration are a little more fun. 😉

Ask me anything

Don’t be nervous, this is your chance to really get those questions that have been niggling away at the back of your brain answered! I can’t wait to see what all you little perverts come up with… 😉

Making a Sissy: Turning a Man Into a Princess Pt. II

If you haven’t already, check out Pt. I of Making a Sissy, click here

Evolution of a sissyMistress Rita is Making a Sissy out of Ty!

Now, not every man who wears panties is a sissy. But my darling boy, Ty… From the first moment I described the feel of those delicate, silky panties as they clung to his skin, the way those ruffles felt under his sweet little ass when he sat on my lap, or how they cushioned the blow of my palm when I gave him a spanking… He wanted more. Panties weren’t enough… As we played, he became she… His cock, a cute little clitty… and that macho, alpha man, my Pretty Pretty Princess… My delicate little flower. I loved the blushing cheeks that I could hear in her voice, the shivers of pleasure rolling through his body that made her words shake as I had him tell me exactly what she was… my panty wearing sissy.

More than dressing up

Now Ty’s training didn’t stop there, but I’m sure you knew that… She was eager to please and it wasn’t long before I presented her with her very first challenge in the form of my big, purple strap-on. I could tell she’d been waiting for me to broach the subject, and tease that I am, I’d avoided bringing it up… I do LOVE to make my subbies wait. 😉 So when I finally placed that rubber head against her lips, she took to it immediately, it turns out that Ty was cock hungry! Who’d have guessed? 😉 Once she’d proven herself a good little cock-sucker, I bent her over, gently pulled those pretty little panties to the side and made-love to her sweet little ass-pussy for the first time… I wish you could have heard the whimpers of pleasure that came through the phone as I described the way she spread around that rubber, purple cock… and how that tight little ass clung to the shaft after the head finally *popped* inside for the first time.

I’m not done yet…

I have a lot more in store for my sweet little princess, and I’m sure that Ty will be more than happy to oblige… After all, I’ve trained her well. 😉


Making a Sissy: Turning a Man Into a Princess Pt. I

Let me introduce you to Ty…

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Guided Masturbation – The ABCs of BDSM

Why guided masturbation is better

Everyone masturbates, and anyone who says otherwise is either a liar, or on no touchy-touchy restriction from their Mistress. 😉 The fact is, stroking your cock, or rubbing your clit feels GOOD! But if you’re doing it all by yourself, you’re . . . → Read More: Guided Masturbation – The ABCs of BDSM

Foot Fetish – The ABCs of BDSM

Foot fetish basics

While having a foot fetish isn’t as uncommon as some other kinks, I have found that it is one of the most misunderstood. Much like anything else, there are many variations, and everyone’s preference is a little different… Some people get off the sight of soft, bare, feet with perfectly pedicured toes and . . . → Read More: Foot Fetish – The ABCs of BDSM

Edging – The ABC’s of BDSM

Edging for Mistress

There is absolutely nothing sweeter for me, than watching a submissive’s face during one of our webcam sessions as he pushes himself closer, and closer toward that cliff… The point of no return… The edge. I would love to hear your voice gets . . . → Read More: Edging – The ABC’s of BDSM

Anal Virgin No Longer – The Boy’s First Time

A bit of background

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